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LMR Needs
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Needs Submission Notice: Needs must be submitted by 16 June 2023 for evaluation and consideration in the FY24 proposal solicitation process. Needs submitted after this date will be retained and considered in the following FY cycle.
What's a Need
All LMR program decisions and investments are based on at-sea environmental compliance needs. An LMR need must meet the following conditions:
  • Identifies an existing gap in knowledge, technology, and/or capability,
  • Is associated with an at-sea environmental constraint or regulatory driver, and
  • The requirement can be categorized under one of the LMR program's investment areas.
When submitting a need, give as much information as you can about your problem. Tell us what the problem is and how big the problem is. What is the basis of the problem? Is problem the result of a current or impending regulatory requirement that now makes your job more difficult? Is it a technology gap? Is it a Fleet or SYSCOM operational challenge? Is it only at your facility or Navy wide?
A Need is NOT a method to purchase equipment. You may “need” a piece of equipment to fulfill an existing solution but that does not constitute an LMR Need.
A Need is NOT a routine species survey or collection of data.The LMR program funds applied research and should not be used to fund needs that are more directly applicable to the Navy’s marine species monitoring program.
See the LMR program's Need Submission and Evaluation Guide for additional information.
How to Submit a Need
Only Navy personnel may submit their needs for consideration by the LMR program. All needs must be submitted through the LMR management website at, which is a CAC enabled site. If you are not Navy personnel, and you have an idea for a Navy need, please discuss with a Navy employee. If they agree that it is a valid need, they will need to sponsor and submit the need on your behalf.
What's Next
After the deadline to submit needs for each funding cycle has passed, the LMR Advisory Committee (LMRAC) will review and evaluate all the submitted needs. Please refer to the Need Submission and Evaluation Guide for additional details regarding the evaluation process and what to expect after you submit a need.
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