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GSA-Approved Security Equipment
Inspection Training



Containers and Vault Doors

Only GSA authorized inspectors may recertify a container.  A GSA authorized inspector is the only one qualified to inspect and approve a container to be used for the storage of classified materials or weapons.  The inspector may place a GSA recertification label on the container after determining the equipment has maintained its' security integrity.

The cost to recertify a container varies and depends upon the extent of the repairs needed.  To retain an authorized inspector visit the GSA-Approved Security Equipment Inspector Training page to see the schools that provide authorized training.  These schools maintain lists of students that have successfully completed training requirements.


The following guidance has been determined to be in the best interest of the government by the IACSE.  If you have any questions or concerns submit the Request For Information form.


General Information

  • Age of the container/vault is not a factor when inspected.
  • Class 1 and Class 2 containers are the only insulated containers.
  • Class 7 containers may store up to and including secret documents.
  • Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 may store any level of classified documents.
  • GSA Labels: The removal of a GSA label during inspection is not mandatory.  If the container does not pass inspection, the inspector should notify the appropriate party that the label should be removed, remove the label if authorized, and record the results of the inspection in the report.
  • Control Drawer Identification Labels: The existence of identification labels on control drawers is not required to re-approve a container.  However, the inspector shall be required to identify the container and record the details on the inspection report.
  • Painting: A container must be painted one of the original OEM colors (black, grey, parchment).  The outside of a container must be one color. The interior colors may be mixed.

Authorized GSA-approved Security Container/Vault Door Modifications

  • Changing the lock to meet the purpose of the container (e.g., FF-L-2937 for a weapons container or a combination lock meeting the requirements of FF-L-2740B for storing classified information).
  • Repairing containers by authorized personnel with new or used OEM parts, such as drawer handles and drawer linkage components.
  • Replacing damaged drawer heads if the replacement drawer head is either new or has been neutralized and repaired according to FED-STD-809E, "Neutralization and Repair of GSA Approved Containers."  See the Directives and Guidance page in the DoD Lock Program web site for more information.
  • Replacing the existing lock with an approved lock.
  • Replacement of parts by cannibalizing parts from other containers.
  • Removing/neutralizing the relock device in a Diebold Class 5E control drawer head.

Unauthorized GSA-approved Security Container/Vault Door Modifications

  • Welding the container to the floor or welding items to the container.
  • Drilling the container to attach items such as pencil sharpeners or signs.
  • Painting the container with anything other than an original OEM color (black, grey, or parchment).
  • Tampering with the GSA approval label such as trying to move it. Never try to reattach a GSA approval label to a container yourself.
  • Drilling or cutting the drawer compartment partition ("cookie sheet") on a multi-lock container.
  • Grinding or modifying the container's locking bolts or linkage.

Authorized Electromechanical Combination Lock Modifications

The only authorized changes to container locks are as follows:
  • Removal of the magnetic relock pin from the X-07 lock bolt.  Although, the DoD Lock Program recommends replacing X-07 locks as they have reached their end of service life.
  • X-09 Cam Pawl Removal.
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