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GSA Approved Security Container Recertification

GSA-approved security containers are products that have been designed, built, tested, and approved to the requirements of Federal Specifications.  The General Services Administration (GSA) is the preparing activity for those specifications.  Only products that have passed all GSA testing to the requirements of a designated federal specification may bear the label "General Services Administration Approved."  The manufacturer attaches the label to the container. Click here to download the GSA Memo on policy statement.  This policy has been sent to all Federal agencies for incorporation into their relevant security regulations.

It is standard practice to remove the label if an approved container is opened, repaired, or otherwise modified in an unauthorized manner.  Also, a label may have fallen off or may have been removed for a reason unrelated to the container's security integrity.  All maintenance and service activity of a container, including the reason the approval label is missing, should be designated on the Optional Form 89, Maintenance Record For Security Containers/Vault Doors.  If this has not been done the container's security integrity is in question.  Contact the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline, (800) 290-7607, if you have any questions about the inspection / recertification process.

A GSA-approved security container must be repaired in accordance with FED-STD-809E.  GSA-approved security containers manufactured before October 1990 are identified by their GSA label that has black lettering on a silver background (or silver on black), commonly referred to as black label containers.  Black label containers cannot be repaired, recertified, or relabeled. 

If a container's security integrity is in question it must be inspected by a certified trained inspector to be recertified as a GSA-approved security container.  For information on the GSA Approved Security Equipment Inspection Program click here.  For course requirements and schedules, or to locate a certified inspector in your area, contact MBA USA (888) 622-5495 or Lockmasters (800) 654-0637

Recertification labels are shown below for MBA USA (top) and Lockmasters (bottom).  The container manufacturer's name will appear on a sticker in the center of the label.  The color of the label will be indicated by a punch in the circle above the appropriate word.

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