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These are some of the questions asked of our Hotline.  The answers are within the context of the Department of Defense.  If you have further questions regarding these answers, please contact the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline at (800) 290-7607, DSN (312) 551-1212, or by email using the Technical Support Hotline Request form.

Read this Q&A document about GSA-approved security containers.

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I'm having a problem with my X-09 combination lock.  I enter the combination, dial right and "OP" is displayed.  I continue dialing to the right indefinitely, but the lock doesn't unlock. What could be the problem, and what can I do about it?


Do the locks on both a secure room and on containers inside the room need to meet FF-L-2740 specifications?


What is the procedure if an FF-L-2740B combination lock fails under warranty?


What strike plate do I need with my new FF-L-2890B Deadbolt Device?


How can I tell if my FF-L-2740B lock is under warranty?


How do I retrofit a GSA container with two locks on the control drawer?


How do I identify the difference between the S&G 2740 lock and the S&G 2937 lock?


Do I need to replace the X-09 lock on my armory vault door?


How do I dispose of my locks?


I dialed my Kaba Mas FF-L-2740B lock open yesterday and it worked fine.  Today I tried to open it and the dial was difficult to turn, why?


What high security hasps are available for securing arms, ammunition, and explosives (AA&E)?


What is the procedure if a lock is damaged by the installer or fails from abuse?


I need replacement keys for my Sargent and Greenleaf 831B or Hi-Shear LK1200 high security padlocks.  Where can I get them?



I need a GSA-approved security container to replace a container that is not approved.  Where can I go to get a replacement without having to purchase a new one?


Does my GSA-approved security container contain asbestos?


We just purchased a new GSA container and the combination lock isn't functioning correctly.  Who do I contact?


Since Mosler has gone out of business, where can I get replacement handles for GSA approved Mosler containers?


How can I tell if my container is a GSA-approved field safe?


What is required to order a new GSA-approved security container?


If I cannot purchase my government container using a Government Purchase Card (GPC), what other option do I have?


How do I determine the class of my GSA-approved security container?


How can I determine the "End of Service" deadline for my black label GSA-approved security container?


How do I dispose of my GSA-approved security containers?



Why do I need to use Standard Form 700?


What do I need to store classified materials or arms, ammunition, and explosives (AA&E)?


One of my GSA containers is a field safe.  Does it need to have an FF-L-2740 lock?


Do I have to be GSA approved or certified to work on an FF-L-2740 lock?


Can I secure a field safe to a structure by locking a chain through the handle(s)?


What is Optional Form 89 used for?


Can a Diebold Class 2 container be retrofitted with a lock meeting FF-L-2740?  Will it provide the required security for storage of classified information?


How do I find a locksmith to work on a GSA lock, container or vault door?


We don’t have the combination to our locked security container.  What can we do?

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