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Standard Form (SF) 700 - Security Container Information

It is costly and time consuming when a GSA-approved security container or vault cannot be opened because the combination is lost or forgotten.  When a combination is lost or forgotten a container must be forced open.  Once a container or vault has been forcibly opened, the classified material must be safeguarded until the damaged container is repaired.  You can help prevent this from happening by using a Standard Form (SF) 700 form (Click here to view a SF 700).

Details of the form:

SF 700 is a three-part form consisting of an envelope with a tear-off tab and cover sheet.  The cover sheet and face of the envelope provide space for information about the activity, container, type of lock, and who to contact if the container is left open.

What to do with the form:

Once the cover sheet is filled out, attach it to the inside of the control drawer or on the inside face of the vault door, with either tape or a magnetically-attached holder.  The tear-off tab with the combination record should be placed in the envelope, sealed, and turned over to the security manager for storage.

Why the form is needed:

The DoD Information Security Program: Protection of Classified Information, DoD Manual 5200.01, Volume 3, requires ALL DoD services and agencies to use SF 700.  According to Enclosure 3, Paragraph 10, sub-paragraphs a and b (pages 39-40):

10. SECURITY CONTAINER INFORMATION.  Maintain a record for each container, or vault or secure room door, used for storing classified information.  SF 700 with all information blocks completed, shall be used for this purpose.  Update the form each time the security container combination is changed.

10.a. Part 1 of SF 700 is not classified, but contains personally identifiable information (PII) that shall be protected by sealing Part 1 in an opaque envelope (not provided as part of the SF 700) conspicuously marked "Security Container Information" and stored in accordance with SF 700 instructions.  If the information must be accessed during non-duty hours and a new opaque envelope is not available to replace the opened one, the original envelope should be temporarily resealed, to the extent possible, until Part 1 can be placed in a new envelope the next working day.

10.b. Part 2 of SF 700, when completed, is classified at the highest level of classification authorized for storage in the security container.  It shall be sealed and stored in accordance with SF 700 instructions.  The classification authority block shall state "Derived From: 32 CFR 2001.80(d)(3))," with declassification upon change of combination.

How to order the form:

The National Stock Number (NSN) is 7540-01-214-5372.  U.S. Government Departments, Agencies, and Offices can place an order with either a government purchase card or AAC (Activity Address Code) for Standard Form (SF) 700 by:

NOTE: Government Contractors will need to have their Government Department, Agency, or Office sponsor their request before placing an order.

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