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AA                                      area of attainment

AAR                                    After Action Report

ACL                                    alternate concentration limit

ACO                                   Administrative Contracting Officer

AGC(Litigation)/NLO       Associate General Counsel (Litigation)/Navy Litigation Office

AHA                                   Activity Hazard Analysis

AIRFA                                American Indian Religious Freedom Act

AM                                     Action Memorandum

AMA                                  American Management Association

AOC                                   area of concern

APP                                    Accident Prevention Plan

AR                                      Administrative Record

ARAR                                 applicable or relevant and appropriate requirement

ARPA                                 Archeological Resources Protection Act

ARTT                                  Alternative Restoration Technology Team

ASD(EI&E)                        Assistant Secretary of Defense (Energy, Installations, and Environment)

ASN(EI&E)                        Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy, Installations, and Environment)

AST                                    aboveground storage tanks

ASTM                                 American Society for Testing and Materials

ATSDR                               Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

BCM                                   Base Closure Manager

BCP                                    BRAC Cleanup Plan

BCT                                    BRAC Cleanup Team

BD/DR                               building demolition/debris removal

BEC                                    BRAC Environmental Coordinator

BERA                                  baseline ecological risk assessment

BHHRA                              baseline human health risk assessment

BIP                                     blow in place

BMS                                   Business Management System

BRAC                                 Base Realignment and Closure (Act)

BRRM                                Base Redevelopment and Realignment Manual

BUMED                             Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

CA                                      Corrective Action

CAA                                    Clean Air Act

CAMU                                corrective action management unit

CASU                                 Cooperative Administrative Support Unit

CECOS                               Civil Engineer Corps Officer School

CERCLA                             Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

CERFA                                Community Environmental Response Facilitation Act

CFR                                    Code of Federal Regulations

CHE                                    Chemical Warfare Material Hazard Evaluation

CHF                                    contaminant hazard factor

CIP                                     Community Involvement Plan (formerly Community Relations Plan)

CLEAN                               Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Action, Navy

CLC                                     Continuous Learning Center

CLP                                     Contract Laboratory Program

CMC                                   Commandant of the Marine Corps

CMC(LF)                            Commandant of the Marine Corps (Facilities and Services Division)

CNIC                                  Commander, Navy Installations Command

CNO                                   Chief of Naval Operations

CNO N4                             Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Logistics)

CNO N45                           Chief of Naval Operations, Energy and Environmental Readiness Division

CO                                      Commanding Officer

COC                                   chemical of concern

COPC                                 chemical of potential concern

COR                                   Contracting Officer’s Representative

CPARS                                Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

CPR                                    cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CRP                                    Community Relations Plan (now known as Community Involvement Plan)

CSM                                   conceptual site model

CTC                                    cost-to-complete

CTE                                    central tendency exposure

CWA                                  Clean Water Act

CWM                                 chemical warfare material

DASN(E)                            Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Environment)

DAU                                   Defense Acquisition University

DAWIA                              Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act

DD                                      Decision Document

DDESB                               Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board

DENIX                                Defense Environmental Network Information Exchange

DERP                                  Defense Environmental Restoration Program

DFW                                  definable feature of work

DGC(E&I)                          Deputy General Counsel for Environment and Installations

DGM                                  digital geophysical mapping

DGPS                                 Differential Global Positioning System

DLA                                    Defense Logistics Agency

DMM                                 discarded military munitions

DNAPL                               dense, nonaqueous-phase liquid

DoD                                   Department of Defense

DoDD                                Department of Defense Directive

DoDI                                  Department of Defense Instruction

DoDM                               Department of Defense Manual

DOE                                   Department of Energy

DOJ                                    Department of Justice

DON                                   Department of the Navy

DON ERP                           Department of the Navy Environmental Restoration Program

DQO                                  data quality objective

DSMOA                             Defense and State Memorandum of Agreement

EC                                       emerging contaminant

ECOS                                  Environmental Council of States

ECP                                    Environmental Condition of Property

EE/CA                                Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis

EHE                                    explosive hazard evaluation

ELAP                                  Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

EM                                     Engineering Manual

EMI                                    electromagnetic induction

EO                                      Executive Order

EOD                                   Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EODTECHDIV                   Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division

EPA                                    Environmental Protection Agency

EPCRA                               Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act

EPM                                   Environmental Protection Manager

ER                                       Environmental Restoration

ERA                                    ecological risk assessment

ERB                                    Environmental Restoration and BRAC website

ER,N                                   Environmental Restoration, Navy

ERP                                    Environmental Restoration Program

ESA                                    Endangered Species Act

ESD                                    Explanation of Significant Difference(s)

ESS                                     Explosives Safety Submission

ESS DR                               Explosives Safety Submission Determination Request

ESTCP                                Environmental Security Technology Certification Program

ETA                                    Early Transfer Authority (DoD)

EXWC                                Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center

FAC                                    NAVFAC Atlantic and Pacific

FAQ                                    Frequently Asked Question

FEAD                                  Facility Engineering and Acquisition Division

FEC                                     Facilities Engineering Command

FFA                                     Federal Facility Agreement

FFCA                                  Federal Facilities Compliance Act

FFSRA                                Federal Facility State Remediation Agreement

FOIA                                  Freedom of Information Act

FOSET                                finding of suitability for early transfer

FOSL                                  finding of suitability to lease

FOST                                  finding of suitability to transfer

FR                                       Federal Register

FRTR                                  Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable

FS                                       Feasibility Study

FSP                                     Field Sampling Plan

FUDS                                  formerly used defense site(s)

FY                                       Fiscal Year

FYDP                                  Future Year Defense Plan

GIS                                     Geographic Information System(s)

GHG                                   greenhouse gas

GOCO                                government-owned/contractor-operated

G-RAM                              general radioactive material

GSR                                    green and sustainable remediation

GSV                                    geophysical system verification

HA                                      hazard assessment

HAP                                    hazardous air pollutant

HARP                                 Historic and Archeological Resources Program

HASP                                  Health and Safety Plan

HAZWOPER                      hazardous waste operations and emergency response

HHE                                   Health Hazard Evaluation

HHRA                                 human health risk assessment

HQ                                     headquarters

HRA                                   Historical Radiological Assessment

HRS                                    Hazard Ranking System (EPA)

HRSC                                  high resolution site characterization

IA                                       Integrated Assessment

IAS                                     Initial Assessment Study

IDIQ                                   indefinite delivery and indefinite quantity

IDLH                                   immediately dangerous to life and health

IDP                                     individual development plan

IDW                                   investigation-derived waste

I-RACR                               Interim Remedial Action Completion Report

IRIS                                    Integrated Risk Information System

IRP                                     Installation Restoration Program

ITRC                                   Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council

IVS                                     Instrument Verification Strip

JAG                                    Judge Advocate General

JEP                                     Joint Execution Plan

KBCRS                                Knowledge Based Corporate Reporting System

KO                                      Contracting Officer

LDR                                    land disposal restriction

LLRW                                 low-level radioactive waste

LNAPL                                light, nonaqueous-phase liquid

LTM                                   long-term monitoring

LTMgt                                Long-Term Management

LUC                                    land use control

MARCORSYSCOM           Marine Corps Systems Command

MARSSIM                         Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual

MC                                     munitions constituents

MCICOM                           Marine Corps Installations Command

MCL                                   maximum contaminant level

MCO                                  Marine Corps Order

MEC                                   munitions and explosives of concern

MILCON                            military construction

MMA                                 Management and Monitoring Approach

MML                                  Master Materials License (Navy’s)

MMPA                               Marine Mammal Protection Act

MMRP                               Military Munitions Response Program

MNA                                  monitored natural attenuation

MNR                                  monitored natural recovery

MOU                                  memorandum of understanding

MPF                                   migration pathway factor

MPPEH                              material potentially presenting an explosive hazard

MR                                     munitions response

MRP                                   Munitions Response Program (DON)

MRS                                   munitions response site

MRSPP                               Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol

MTR                                   minimum technology requirement

NAGPRA                            Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

NARM                                naturally-occurring and accelerator-produced radioactive materials

NAVAIR                             Naval Air Systems Command

NAVFAC                            Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NAVSEA                            Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSEADET RASO           Naval Sea Systems Command Detachment Radiological Affairs Support Office

NCP                                    National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan

NCR                                    Navy Cost Reimbursement

NDA                                   Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDAA                                National Defense Authorization Act

NEDD                                 NIRIS Electronic Data Deliverable

NEPA                                 National Environmental Policy Act

NESDI                                Navy Environmental Sustainability Development to Integration

NESHAP                             National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

NETI                                   National Enforcement Training Institute (EPA)

NFA                                    no further action

NHPA                                 National Historic Preservation Act

NIOSH                               National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

NIRIS                                  Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution

NNPP                                 Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program

NMCPHC                           Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center

NOID                                 Notice of Intent to Delete

NORM                               “Normalization” of Environmental Data Systems

NOSSA                               Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity

NOSSAINST                       NOSSA Instruction

NPL                                    National Priorities List

NPV                                    net present value

NRC                                    Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRD                                   natural resource damage

NRDA                                 natural resource damage assessment

NRI                                     natural resource injury

NRSC                                  Naval Radiation Safety Committee

NSWC IHEODTD              Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division

NTCRA                               non-time critical removal action

OASN(FM&C)                   Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management and Comptroller

O&M                                 operations and maintenance

OEA                                   Office of Economic Adjustment

OER2                                 Open Environmental Restoration Resource

OGC                                   Office of the General Counsel

OMB                                  Office of Management and Budget

ONR                                   Office of Naval Research

OP 5                                   Ordnance Pamphlet 5

OPNAV                              Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

OPNAVINST                      Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction

OPS                                    Operating Properly and Successfully

OSD                                   Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSH                                   Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA                                 Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSWER                              Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (EPA)

OU                                     operable unit

PA                                      Preliminary Assessment

PA/SI                                 Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection

PAH                                    polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

PAO                                   Public Affairs Officer

PCB                                    polychlorinated biphenyl

PCO                                    Procuring Contracting Officer

PFAS                                  per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances

PFBS                                   perfluorobutanesulfonic acid

PFC                                     perfluorinated compound

PFOA                                 perfluorooctanoic acid

PFOS                                  perfluorooctane sulfonate

PHA                                    Public Health Assessment

PMO                                  Program Management Office (BRAC)

POL                                    petroleum, oil, or lubricants

POM                                  Program Objective Memorandum

P-OPT                                Portfolio-Optimization

PP                                       Proposed Plan

PPBE                                  Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution

PPE                                     personal protective equipment

ppm                                   part per million

PRG                                    preliminary remediation goal

PRP                                    potentially responsible party

PQO                                   project quality objective

QA                                      quality assurance

QA/QC                              quality assurance/quality control

QAPP                                 Quality Assurance Project Plan

QASP                                 Quality Assessment Surveillance Plan

QC                                      quality control

QSM                                  Quality Systems Manual

R&D                                   research and development

RA                                      Remedial Action

RAA                                    Remedial Alternatives Analysis

RAB                                    Restoration Advisory Board

RA-C                                  Remedial Action Construction

RAC                                    remedial action contract

RACER                               Remedial Action Cost Engineering and Requirements

RACR                                 Remedial Action Completion Report

RADIAC                             Radiation, Detection, Indication and Computation

RAGS                                 Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (EPA)

RA-O                                  Remedial Action Operation

RAO                                   Remedial Action Objective

RASP                                  Radiological Affairs Support Program

RAW                                  Risk Assessment Workgroup

RAWP                                Remedial Action Work Plan

RC                                      Response Complete

RCRA                                 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RD                                      Remedial Design

RDM                                  Regional Data Manager

RD/RA                               Remedial Design/Remedial Action

RDT&E                               Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation

REC                                    Regional Environmental Coordinator

RERA                                  Risk Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives

RF                                       receptor factor

RFA                                    RCRA Facility Assessment

RFI                                      Request for Information

RFP                                     Request for Proposal

RI                                        Remedial Investigation

RI/FS                                  Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study

RIMP                                  Regional Integrated Master Program

RIP                                     Remedy in Place

RITS                                   Remediation Innovative Technology Seminar

RME                                   Reasonable Maximum Exposure

ROD                                   Record of Decision

ROICC                                Resident Officer in Charge of Construction

RPM                                   Remedial Project Manager

RRSEM                              Relative Risk Site Evaluation Model

RSL                                     Regional Screening Level

SAP                                    Sampling and Analysis Plan

SARA                                  Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act

SC                                       Site Closeout

SCBA                                  self-contained breathing apparatus

SDWA                                Safe Drinking Water Act

SECDEF                              Secretary of Defense

SECNAV                             Secretary of the Navy

SECNAVINST                    Secretary of the Navy Instruction

SEED                                  SERDP Exploratory Development

SERDP                                Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program

SF                                       Site File

SHSO                                 Site Health and Safety Officer

SI                                        Site Inspection

SMART                              specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time bound

SME                                   subject matter expert

SMP                                   Site Management Plan

SOP                                    Standard Operating Procedure

SOW                                  Statement of Work

SPAWAR                           Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SRA                                    screening risk assessment

SSP                                     Strategic Systems Command, Strategic Systems Programs

SVOC                                 semi-volatile organic compound

SWMU                               solid waste management unit

T2                                       technology transfer

TAG                                    Technical Assistance Grant

TAPP                                  Technical Assistance for Public Participation

TCE                                    trichloroethene

TCRA                                  time critical removal action

TDS                                    TechData Sheet

TDWG                               Technology Development Workgroup

TENORM                           technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials

TIPS                                    Technical Insights and Problem Solving

TIW                                    technical impracticability waiver

TO                                      Task Order

TO COR                             Task Order Contracting Officer’s Representative

TOI                                     target of interest

TPOC                                 technical point of contact

TRC                                    Technical Review Committee

TSCA                                  Toxic Substances Control Act

TSD                                    treatment, storage, and disposal

UDCM                               user defined cost model

UFP-QAPP                         Uniform Federal Policy for Quality Assurance Project Plans

UG                                      Users Guide

UIC                                     User Identification Code

USACE                               United States Army Corps of Engineers

USC                                    United States Code

USCG                                 United States Coast Guard

USGS                                  United States Geological Survey

UST                                    underground storage tank

UU/UE                               unlimited use and unrestricted exposure

UXO                                   unexploded ordnance

VI                                       vapor intrusion

VOC                                   volatile organic compound

WAWF                               Wide Area Workflow

WCSD                                Watershed Contaminated Source Document


Title and Description

ERP Manual

DON Environmental Restoration Program Manual: Chapter 8 Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (February 2018)

Describes alternative endpoints, ARAR waivers, TI waivers, and other risk management approaches that can be applied at ER sites.

RAA Guidance

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Guidance for Remedial Alternatives Analysis (October 2020)

This guidance document describes the requirements for RAAs, the procedures for RAA preparation, and the review process for RAAs. This document updates the RAA guidance issued in April 2012. A detailed template for preparing the RAA is attached

Document Review

NAVFAC ER,N Program Directive for Quality Document Review (QDR) of DON Installation Restoration Program (IRP) Sites (June 2018)

Summarizes the process for obtaining the required internal reviews of key documents.



NAVFAC Toolkit for Identifying ARARs (August 2014)

Contains eight graphical exhibits to aid in outlining the key concepts in identifying and documenting ARARs.

Remedial Alternative Analysis (RAA)

DON Policy for Optimizing Remedial and Removal Actions at all DON Environmental Restoration Program Sites (April 2012)

Clarifies when optimization reviews are necessary and provides effective remedial strategies to meet remedial action objectives. As part of the remedial alternatives analysis (RAA), DON policy requires approval for the installation of a pump-and-treat system at an ERP site.


Title and Description

Well Rehabilitation

NAVFAC Webinar: Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Pump and Treatment Systems (January 2018)

This webinar provides an overview of key design aspects and maintenance practices needed to achieve optimal performance and to minimize life cycle costs for environmental remediation wells.

Well Rehabilitation

NAVFAC Production Well Construction and Maintenance Fact Sheet (April 2017)

Describes how to design and maintain functioning production wells (including groundwater extraction and reagent injection wells).


NAVFAC Webinar: Portfolio Optimization (P-Opt) Review of the Navy’s IRP Sites – Phase 1 Overview and Findings (August 2017)

This webinar combines Navy field examples and lessons learned from the P-Opt Phase I review to highlight some of the remaining challenges in the Navy's IRP.

Dilute Plumes

NAVFAC Webinar: Dealing with Dilute Plumes (April 2017)

This webinar discusses the roles of source depletion, matrix diffusion, and various natural attenuation mechanisms in determining a suitable path forward for dilute plumes.

Fractured Rock

NAVFAC Site Characterization and Remediation in Fractured Rock Fact Sheet (August 2017)

Summarizes the types of fractured rock environments, site characterization, remediation approaches, along with special considerations and lessons learned from fractured rock sites.

Alternative Endpoints

NAVFAC Webinar: Managing the Navy’s Complex Groundwater Sites: Alternative Endpoints and Approaches (April 2015)

This webinar provides an overview of alternative endpoints and approaches for groundwater remediation at complex sites.

Site Closeout

DON Remedial Action Completion Report (RACR) in the Navy's Site Closeout Process Fact Sheet (November 2014)

Clarifies how to document remedial action completion activities and site closure including groundwater sites with long-term management and land use controls (LUCs).

Chlorinated Solvents

Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Management of Chlorinated Solvents in Soils and Groundwater (July 2008)

Contains commonly asked questions when selecting remedies for chlorinated solvent sites and offers a concise overview of technical challenges faced with subsurface chlorinated solvent releases.

Risk Management, ACL, TI Waiver

NAVFAC Groundwater Risk Management Handbook (January 2008)

Provides an overview of challenging site conditions for groundwater plumes and summarizes risk management strategies such as establishing points of compliance (POCs), ACLs, performing mixing zone analyses, and TI waivers.

DNAPL, Source Zone

NAVFAC DNAPL Management Overview Handbook (April 2007)        Provides an introduction on how to manage DNAPL contamination at a site. Because DNAPL sites can be very challenging, this document focuses heavily on the limitations of characterizing and removing DNAPL and how to make realistic management decisions in the midst of these uncertainties.

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