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  GSA Approved Container Ordering Information

Per ISOO Notice 2014-02, ALL "GSA Approved" security containers and vault doors MUST BE PROCURED through GSA Global Supply.  GSA Approved Information Processing System (IPS) containers must be purchased under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule program.

Order GSA-approved security containers from the GSA Global Supply Security Container web page.  Find a security container that meets all requirements and order using the corresponding NSN.  U.S. Government employees refer to this GSA Ordering Guidelines document to properly procure a GSA-approved security container.  U.S. Government Contractors please review this GSA Container Procurement Process for Contractors document before procuring a GSA-approved security container.  For additional guidance you can visit GSA Ordering Procedures for Security Containers web page or call (817) 850-5512 or (817) 850-5556 to talk to a security container sales representive. 

Important Container Ordering Information

GSA security container deliveries are being turned away at military installations due to no point of contact (POC) information on the Bill of Lading.  To avoid additional delivery charges you MUST provide Point of Contact information (name, daytime phone number and email address) in all GSA Global Supply procurement request forms to avoid delivery issues.  Also include any special delivery instructions if required and ensure the "Address Book" section in your GSA Global profile is current.  Please contact a GSA security container sales representive with any questions at (817) 850-5512.

Other Information:

The Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) has issued Notice 2014-02: Procurement of Security Equipment.  This notice states that the General Services Administration (GSA) has enacted new procedures for procuring secure storage equipment, such as security containers, information processing system (IPS) containers, and vault doors. Furthermore, it states "GSA Approved" security containers and vault doors must now be procured through GSA Global Supply utilizing the appropriate National Stock Number.

Department of Treasury is lowering the limit on use of the Government Purchase Cards (GPC) for intra-governmental transactions from $24,999.99 to $9,999.99 effective October 1, 2020.  Click here for more information.

GSA has transitioned the Security Equipment program from the Multiple Award Schedule Program to the Global Supply Program to provide full-service acquisition management support to assist in your acquisition of GSA Approved Security Containers.  For more information about this transition and security containers, you can review the following document: GSA Approved Security Containers Overview.

Contractors may want to review the FAR clause for security which allows contractors to use GSA, and some regulatory justifications to allow inclusion of this clause in contracts for security containers.  Click here to view FAR clause.

Please see our Other Security Products page for ordering information on non GSA-approved accessories that may be used in GSA-approved security containers, or other non GSA-approved containers.

Use the handy table below to determine which manufacturers build which GSA-approved containers.  You can view GSA security container descriptions and NSN's by clicking on the PRODUCT links in first column in the table below.  Due to the number of variations in IPS container configuration, orders for IPS containers should be made against GSA Multiple Award Schedule contracts directly from the manufacturer by referencing Federal Specification AA-C-2786A, QPL qualification number QPL-AA-C-2786-4, and the manufacturer's part number (designation or "Brand Name" from the QPL).

A checkmark indicates vendor carries product.
PRODUCT Hamilton Will-Burt Trusted Systems Brown Alpha A&H American Made
Filing Cabinets, Legal Size  (QPL-AA-F-358-21)
Class 5, various sizes        
Class 6, various sizes    
Filing Cabinets, Letter Size  (QPL-AA-F-358-21)
Class 6, various sizes    
Shipboard Containers  (QPL-AA-F-358-21)
Class 6, various sizes      
Special Size Containers and Field Safes  (QPL-AA-F-358-21)
(For use in mobile or transportable tactical communication assemblages)
Class 6, 1 & 2 Drawer    
Field Safes    
Map and Plan Containers  (QPL-AA-F-363-20)
Class 5, various sizes        
General Purpose Containers  (QPL-AA-F-363-20)
Class 5 & 6, General Purpose (Door Type)        
Weapons Storage Cabinets and Containers  ( QPL-AA-C-2859-5 / QPL-AA-F-358-21)
Class 5, Empty Cabinet (Door Type)        
Class 5W, Container with drawers        
Information Processing Systems Containers  (QPL-AA-C-2786-4)
IPS Containers      
Orders for IPS containers should be made against GSA Multiple Award Schedule contracts directly from the manufacturer by referencing Federal Specification AA-C-2786A, QPL qualification number QPL-AA-C-2786-4, and the manufacturer's part number (designation or "Brand Name" from the QPL).

See vendor websites for pictures and product information.  Contact the appropriate vendor either from their website or the information listed below.  This information is provided only as a resource for product questions or obtaining parts as all GSA-approved security container procurement MUST BE accomplished through GSA Global Supply.


For ordering drawer heads and parts ONLY!  You CANNOT order GSA-approved containers directly from the manufacturers!

Alpha Safe and Vault, Inc.:   Contact Government Sales at (866) 353-7233
American Made Safe and Security, LLC.:   Contact Government Sales at (833) 872-2677
A&H Security Cabinets, Inc. (formerly Millennium Metals):   Contact Sales at (859) 816-3758
Brown Safe Manufacturing:   Contact Sales at (760) 233-2293
Hamilton Products Group:   Contact Government Sales at (800) 876-6066 x19
Trusted Systems:   Contact Government Sales at (410) 647-0762
WILL-BURT (fomerly Diebold/Mosler):   Government Sales at (330) 684-4000
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