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  Pedestrian Door Deadbolt Devices
Ordering Information
The door devices mentioned on this website that meet Federal Specification FF-L-2890C have a limited use clause contained in the specification; they are to be sold only to the Federal Government, US Government contractors specifically authorized to purchase these lock extensions, or other organizations or persons specifically authorized or required by the US Government to use these lock extensions.

Before procuring one of the devices listed here, it is important to check with your local fire marshal (Authority Having Jurisdiction - AHJ) to determine rooms/facilities where the occupancy is equal to or greater than what they consider meeting assembly requirements.  This will help you identify which pedestrian door deadbolt device you should use.

The product(s) listed here are available from DLA Land and Maritime.  To order, you must use DLA's procurement website which replaces DoD EMALL for purchasing the products DLA sells.  Additional DLA FedMall information can be found at this link.  You can also call the DLA Contact Center at (877) 352-2255 for procurement information.

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.
NSN Manufacturer Mfr Model/Part No. Lock Included Price
 Type I - Pedestrian Door Preassembled Lock (PDPL), Lever Exit, Stand-Alone Access Control
5340-01-649-7936  S&G 2890-512 S&G 2740B $3,572.37
5340-01-652-8191 S&G 2890-513 Kaba X-10 $4,307.74
 Type II - Pedestrian Door Preassembled Lock (PDPL), Lever Exit, Electric Integration for Access Control
5340-01-674-4206  Lockmasters LKM10KHX10S3 (#3 Strike Plate) Kaba X-10 $4,614.65
5340-01-678-6420  Lockmasters LKM10KHX10S9 (#9 Strike Plate) Kaba X-10 $3,693.31
5340-01-678-6698  Lockmasters LKM10KHX10S2 (#2 Strike Plate) Kaba X-10 $4,950.49
5340-01-652-8192  S&G 2890-522 S&G 2740B $3,222.01
5340-01-651-9488 S&G 2890-523 Kaba X-10 $4,410.54
 Type III - Pedestrian Door Lock Assembly Panic (PDLAP), Panic Bar Exit, Stand-Alone Access Control
5340-01-650-1200  S&G 2890-532 S&G 2740B $6,432.97
5340-01-652-8194 S&G 2890-533 Kaba X-10 $3,902.53
 Type IV - Pedestrian Door Lock Assembly Panic (PDLAP), Panic Bar Exit, Electric Integration for Access Control
5340-01-678-6303  Lockmasters LKM10KPX10S2 (#2 Strike Plate) Kaba X-10 $4,742.26
5340-01-650-1207  S&G 2890-542 S&G 2740B $3,479.17
5340-01-652-8188 S&G 2890-543 Kaba X-10 $5050.05
 Type V - Auxiliary Deadbolt (ADB), Lever Exit, No Access Control, Keyed Reset Function
5340-01-650-1108  S&G 2890-552 S&G 2740B $2,836.82
5340-01-652-8195 S&G 2890-553 Kaba X-10 $3,489.96
 Type VI - Auxiliary Deadbolt (ADB), Knob Exit (closet), No Access Control
5340-01-651-9491  S&G 2890-562 S&G 2740B $2,815.52
5340-01-626-0087  Kaba Mas CDX-10 * Kaba X-10 $1,167.85

* You should check with your local fire marshal (AHJ) before procuring a CDX-10 lock

Lockmasters, Kaba Mas, and Sargent & Greenleaf are manufacturers of GSA-approved FF-L-2890 devices.  Please review QPL-FF-L-2890-5, Federal Qualified Products List document to see the list of manufacturers and their products.

Please see the strike plate pictures and diagrams on our Strike Plate page to determine the correct strike plate for your application.  If you need a different strike plate, the DoD Lock Program can provide one free of charge when your lock is purchased from DLA Land and Maritime.  Please call:

DoD Lock Program, Technical Support Hotline
Toll-free:  (800) 290-7607
DSN:  551-1212
Commercial:  (805) 982-1212
E-mail:  Technical Support Hotline
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