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Shipboard Containers

Per ISOO Notice 2014-02, ALL "GSA Approved" security containers and vault doors MUST BE PROCURED through GSA Global Supply

Using Class 6 security containers aboard ships has been an ongoing problem, because a method to secure them to the deck to prevent movement at sea has not been available.  In some cases, containers have been modified to secure them to the deck which violates the containers' security integrity.

The Physical Security Enterprise and Analysis Group (PSEAG) funded the development of a Class 6-S (S for shipboard) security container and GSA approved the shipboard container in 2013.  This GSA-approved security container has an integrated pedestal that has an option for direct mounting to the deck by either bolting or welding without compromising the containers' security integrity.  In order to receive GSA-approval, the container met all Class 6 security container requirements of Federal Specification AA-F-358K, including shock and vibration testing in accordance with MIL-S-901 and MIL-STD-167-1A, respectively.  All shipboard containers come with a lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740B.  Review the Federal Qualified Products List QPL-AA-F-358-21 under Class 6-S to see which manufacturers' products meet federal specifications for shipboard containers.

Timeline for Replacement of Modified Shipboard Containers

The Undersecretary of the Navy released a memo concerning security containers onboard naval ships. UNSECNAV Memo, MEMORANDUM FOR VICE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS, Subject: Shipboard Containers Used for the Storage of Classified Information, dated 26 June 2015, discusses the GSA-approved Class 6-S shipboard security container with a priority replacement timeline.  GSA-approved Class 6 shipboard security container priority replacement is as follows:

1 All levels of classification Immediately, if repair(s) required rather than returning it to service.
2 Top Secret No later than end of fiscal year 2019
3 Secret or below No later than end of fiscal year 2021

Drawer Heads

The procedure to order a drawer head is to contact the government sales representative for the manufacturers listed in the "Container Manufacturers" table on Ordering Info page.  Click the Ordering Info tab for drawer head replacements and shipboard container procurement information.

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